Solar Panel Installation

.Save money with this innovative system, making a positive change for the planet.

Do you qualify for a FREE solar panel installation on your roof?

At United Roofing & Exteriors we are committed to improve the conditions of our planet, that's why we offer Solar Panel Installation for your roof, a cutting-edge system that greatly reduce electricity consumption and decreases the carbon footprint.  

Solar Panels Put Money Back in Your Pocket

Save energy and money with a top-rated solar roof system for your home. Claim your tax savings today!

Are you searching for the best residential solar panel roofs for your home in virginia? Look no further than United Roofing Solar!

On top of making your home eco-friendlier, our residential solar panel roofing will help you save significant money on energy bills. Over time, your payments could reach net-zero! With financing for every budget and federal tax credits available, your residential solar panel cost has never been lower.


Enjoy the benefits of solar panels in just 3 steps:

1. Free roofing consultation

We visit your property to inspect the roof and determine the installation steps, as well as the installation design that suits you according to your savings goals.

2. Expert installation

Our certified professionals will handle the entire solar panel installation process, including securing construction permits, preparing your roof, and installing your complete system.

3. Turn on & save

After the installation, you can start generating your own clean electricity for your home or business. As soon as you turn on the solar panels, you will notice the save.

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